JX plastic corrugated sheet

plastic corrugated sheet

Uses And Advantages Of Plastic Corrugated Board


Corrugated plastic sheet is called differently in different countries.Like pp hollow boards, correx sheets, coroplast sheets, corflute sheets, pp corrugated sheets, etc.

Corrugated plastic sheet is one of the most flexible packaging material widely used on the market. Corrugated plastic sheeting consists of two layers of flat plastic sheet connected by a corrugated middle layer also made of plastic.

This resembles cardboard, but it is made entirely from plastics like polypropylene,which is highly pure hydrocarbons, non-toxic, anti-chemical, no hazardous materials and environmentally friendly. In addition PP Hollow Sheet can be recycled, long lasting, washable and reusable.

Corrugated plastic sheet / board is proven that it fits in the use for packaging, advertising, construction, agriculture, and pharmaceutical industries etc. Packaging for the food, beverage, billboards, place of stationery, a place to store medicine etc.

Sheets of corrugated plastic combines the best features of plastic sheeting and corrugated cardboard. The outer layers of the corrugated plastic sheet are water-proof and easy to clean like plastic sheeting. Sheets of corrugated plastic not only waterproof, also have many Advantage, like strong, light weight, chemical proof, vermin proof, and food grade. The open corrugated structure allows you to lay it on floors or hang it from ceilings to protect whatever is behind it. The ridges in the corrugated plastic sheet make it strong, impact-resistant and durable.

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