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Corrugated plastic box is called differently in different countries.Like polypropylene box, pp corrugated box, corrugated plastic containers, corrugated plastic bins,  etc.

Corrugated plastic boxes are used many ways. They’re often used in industrial packaging and transportation, as well as in the agriculture industry. Polypropylene box are durable. They are far better than cardboard boxes when you’re moving heavy items. Yet the pp corrugated box are lightweight. They’re more cost-effective than wood pallets or wooden crates, too. The corrugated plastic is water resistance. The corrugated plastic containers won’t become soft when it gets wet. It won’t dissolve on exposure to a leak until it collapses. If the corner of the plastic box is cracked or dented, the structural integrity of the rest of the box is almost unchanged.

The corrugated plastic box is water resistance. The corrugated plastic box won’t become soft when it gets wet. It won’t dissolve on exposure to a leak until it collapses. If the corner of the corrugated plastic box is cracked or dented, the structural integrity of the rest of the box is almost unchanged.

JIANXIN is a polypropylene box supplier and custom corrugated plastic boxes, as well as pp corrugated box manufacturers and corrugated plastic containers supplier.

JIANXIN Polypropylene box are weather resistance. They are often the more sanitary option for storing parts and perishable goods. The polypropylene box can’t rot. It won’t shelter insects and pests the way wood pallets may harbor insect larva. Polypropylene box with lids seal the contents from rodents and other pests too. corrugated plastic containers offer greater protection for your product than most other types of storage containers.
JIANXIN pp corrugated boxes are also a stylish way to store your valuables long-term. They can fit on your shelves while blending into the color scheme. pp corrugated boxes can’t be crushed like cardboard boxes, and they’ll protect your clothes or personal papers from insects, mold and water.
Furthermore, your logo or company name could be printed on the side of the box so that people know who owns the contents or sold the items inside. Corrugated plastic containers can be found in almost any size, shape, design or color. They rival cardboard boxes in price, and they can be recycled. That’s aside from the fact they can be used repeatedly.


Lightweight and durable

Food Grade Material



UV Resistant for Outdoor Use

Fire Retardant


100% Recyclable




COLORRed, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, White, Grey, Natural, and custom colors
WEIGHT450g/m² (0.09 lbs./sq. ft.) to 1000g/m² (0.2 lbs./sq. ft.)
THICKNESS4.0mm(0.16in), 5.0mm(0.19in) and custom thickness
SIZE600*400*350mm(23.6*15.7*13.7inch) and custom dimension
PRINTINGCustom logo or name
Jianxin is a plastic product suppliers, and also provides custom plastic boxes service.

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Jian Xin corrugated plastic products offer great strength, total water resistance, impact resistance, weather resistance, fire retardant, and 100% recyclable for all of your needs.

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