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Corrugated plastic sign board won’t fade on exposure to the sun. It won’t melt in the rain. It will remain intact in the face of the wind and snow. Yet it is as light as cardboard and almost as cheap as laminated paper signs. Corrugated plastic sign boards can be cut to whatever dimensions you require. They’re available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and you can have any image you’d like applied to them.




Furthermore, these signs can be ordered in a variety of widths. Get 2 millimeter thick signs to direct people to your parking area during special events, and purchase 10 millimeter thick signs to serve as permanent advertisements for your business. They can last for years. These signs are made from non-toxic materials, and they can often be recycled. That depends on the inks and finished used to create it.

Corrugated plastic sign boards are also an affordable option. It is just as costeffective to have dozens made as hundreds.
Corrugated plastic sign board has become the industry standard for portable outdoor signs. This includes real estate signs and political signage. The corrugated plastic signs can be set up on the same metal stakes used for cardboard signs. The signs are as lightweight and portable as cardboard signs, but they’ll last far longer. This means corrugated plastic sign board is perfect for reusable signs, whether you use them to advertise every open house or promote a regularly occurring event.

Corrugated plastic sign board is replacing cardboard and laminated paper signs for a variety of reasons. We’ll discuss advantages of corrugated plastic sign boards. We’ll also share some of the most common uses of corrugated plastic sign board.

Corrugated plastic sign boards are often used indoors. They’re lightweight and easy to set up. This makes them ideal for promoting a sale or attracting attention to product giveaways. The silk screen or UV printed inks will remain bright and bold, whether the signs are hung up in the center of the store or hang in the window. You can have corrugated plastic sign boards decorated in any color, even PMS colors. The material will resist fading and breakdown on exposure to sunlight and moisture. Unlike cardboard, it won’t warp if exposed to damp or wet conditions. That makes it ideal for standing in a yard, greenhouse or gardening section.

Corrugated plastic sign boards are also an affordable option. It is just as costeffective to have dozens made as hundreds.You can even put corrugated plastic signs in the aisles. It will endure a fair amount of use and abuse. That’s why corrugated plastic boards can be used at entry ways and hung on doorways.


Lightweight and durable

UV Resistant for Outdoor Use

100% Recyclable





COLORWhite and custom colors
WEIGHT650g/m² (0.13 lbs./sq. ft.) to 850g/m² (0.17 lbs./sq. ft.)
THICKNESS4.0mm(0.16in), 5.0mm(0.19in) and custom thickness
SIZE12*18inch, 18*24 inch, 24*24inch, 36*24inch, and custom dimension
PRINTINGMono-color, Dual-color, Three-color, and Full color printing, UV printing. Custom logo or name

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