Corrugated Plastic Sheets

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Corrugated plastic sheeting consists of two layers of flat plastic sheet connected by a corrugated middle layer also made of plastic. This resembles cardboard, but it is made entirely from plastics like polypropylene.

Corrugated plastic sheet combines the best features of plastic sheeting and corrugated cardboard. The outer layers of the corrugated plastic sheet are water-proof and easy to clean like plastic sheeting. The open corrugated structure allows you to lay it on floors or hang it from ceilings to protect whatever is behind it. The ridges in the corrugated plastic sheet make it strong, impact-resistant and durable. Yet you can cut it to fit a given area.


What are the advantages of corrugated plastic sheeting over the alternatives?

It is far more durable than thin plastic sheeting, whether you’re protecting a hole in the wall or your floors. Yet it is water-proof. It will prevent water or chemicals from reaching what is underneath. Corrugated plastic sheet won’t warp or degrade on exposure to water like cardboard. It won’t rot like cardboard. It won’t rust like metal sheets. The plastic sheeting is chemical resistant. Furthermore, corrugated plastic sheet is similar in price to cardboard.

The plastic sheets won’t create dust the way pieces of plywood will. And the corrugated cardboard is more slip resistant than cardboard or plastic sheeting.

What are the applications for corrugated plastic sheets?

Corrugated plastic sheets are used in many ways. They’re often used in building and construction for protection and support, advertising signboards, transportation boxes, industrial manufacturing boxes, the commercial food industry and luggage bags. For example, it is an ideal material for packaging and home storage containers. Yet they can be used to build temporary shelters and permanent outdoor buildings like pet enclosures.


Lightweight and durable

Food Grade Material




UV Resistant for Outdoor Use

100% Recyclable

Fire Retardant




COLORRed, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, White, Grey, Natural, and Custom Colors
WEIGHT250g/m² (0.1 lbs./sq. ft.) to 3000g/m² (0.6 lbs./sq. ft.)
THICKNESS2.0mm(0.079in) to 12.0mm (0.47in)
SIZEa variety of sizes available
PRINTINGCustom logo or name
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