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PP Corrugated Sheet are always used in floor and wall protection industry.Because it’s cheap,impact resistant,recyclable and environmental.

Why makes corrugated plastic rolls suitable for floor protection? The sturdy, reinforced corrugated design means it can handle the weight of multiple people as well as equipment like wheel barrows. It can’t rip, and it won’t shift underfoot. This eliminates the risk of spilled paint or wood chips getting under the plastic and damaging the floor underneath.

Furthermore, corrugated plastic roll is fire resistant. And for comparison, cardboard on the floor of your construction site is a fire hazard.

JIANXIN can offer customized colors thickness shape and size as required for the corrugated plastic rolls. You could choose the proper thickness and size based on what you need it foor.Logo making services are provided for preferences which help to promote sales.




The Corrugated Plastic Rolls is used to floor protection so that the dropped tools will not affect your wooden floor. More importantly, it can handle heavy loads such as portable saws and concrete cutters. When they move on the floor, they may tear the linoleum and scratch the wooden floor. Therefore, The Corrugated Plastic Rolls have become an excellent choice for protect flooring of construction sites or workshops. It can reduce the abrasion of the floor, which is not possible with plastic sheeting.

You can also use plastic floor protector roll in the hallway or kitchen to protect your floor without having to replace them frequently. Because the corrugated plastic roll is waterproof, it can be cleaned as needed. Jianxin also supports cutting corrugated plastic roll to the size you need. This makes corrugated plastic roll an excellent choice for floor protection in the home.

Correx is a double-wall corrugated plastic (polypropylene) board. When you need temporary floor protection, it has become a standard solution in the construction industry. This is because corrugated plastic roll is light, strong, durable, antistatic and impact resistant. You can quickly set up and remove it, and it’s easy to store. In addition, you can use it again and again. If there is abrasion or stains, it can be cleaned. If damaged, it can be recycled.

The Corrugated Plastic Rolls can be installed and connected to the opening in the wall without heavy tools. This prevents passersby and pests from entering the work area. This allows workers to enter the plumbing and electrical areas as needed, while excluding everything else. It is also used to protect finishes, whether you want to prevent damage to historical murals or newly installed tile floors.

The Corrugated Plastic Sheet is flexible enough to be used indoors and outdoors. Protect these sensitive areas from rain and wind blowing debris. It is also commonly used to make ramps and platform intersections. You may have seen Corrugated Plastic Sheet in construction projects, but you just didn’t realize it. This is because Corrugated Plastic Sheet is increasingly used as a support for outdoor signs. They are lightweight and durable, making them very suitable for billboards.


Lightweight and durable

100% Recyclable

Fire Retardant





COLORBlack, Blue, White, Orange, Almond and custom colors
WEIGHT200g/m² (0.04 lbs./sq. ft.) to 1000g/m² (0.2 lbs./sq. ft.)
THICKNESS2.0mm(0.07inch) to 5.0mm(0.19inch)
SIZE2440*1220mm (8*4ft), 260mm*6000mm(10.2*236.2inch) and custom dimension
PRINTINGCustom logo or name

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Jian Xin corrugated plastic products offer great strength, total water resistance, impact resistance, weather resistance, fire retardant, and 100% recyclable for all of your needs.

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