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Coroplast sign are made of corrugated plastic sheet cut and printed, and are very popular in the advertising industry. It is also used for many things, such as Birthday Party Yard Sign,happy birthday yard letters with stakes , merry christmas yard letters, Easter and Halloween holiday yard sign, political signs, real estate yard signs and high school graduation celebrations yard signs, etc.

Coroplast sign are called different things in different areas, like yard sign,corrugated sign,corrugated plastic sign board and polypropylene sign board.

Coroplast sign has the advantage that the corrugated plastic panels don’t fade in the sun. It doesn’t melt in the rain. It will remain intact facing the wind and snow. But it is as light as cardboard and almost as cheap as laminated paper. Corrugated plastic sign boards can be cut to any size you need. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can have any image you want to apply to them.

Jianxin is a yard sign manufacturers that can customize the production. We support customers to customize the design required by customers, so as to meet customers’ needs for customized yard sign.We can also provide customers with yard sign stakes and carton packaging. If you need custom corrugated plastic sign board, Jianxin is your best choice.


Yard Sign are made of corrugated plastic sheet. The thickness of Jianxin corrugated plastic sheet is 2-12mm.

If you use a 2mm corrugated sign, you can direct people to your business lot during special events. If you choose a 10mm corrugated sign, they can last for years and do a permanent business for your advertising. The yard signs are made of non-toxic materials and can often be recycled. It depends on the ink used to create it and the finished product.

Corrugated Sign have become the industry standard for portable outdoor sign board, including real estate yard signs and political signs. The metal stakes for signs can be mounted on the same as the cardboard sign used, allowing the corrugated sign to be displayed on the lawn. These yard signs are as light and portable as cardboard signs, but they last much longer than cardboard signs. This means that corrugated plastic sign boards are perfect for reusable signs, whether you’re using them to advertise real estate or campaign ads for regular promotions.

Corrugated plastic sign boards are replacing cardboard and laminated paper signs for a variety of reasons. We will discuss the advantages of corrugated plastic sign. We will also share some of the most common uses of corrugated plastic sign boards.

Corrugated plastic signs are usually used indoors. They are light and easy to set up. This makes them ideal for promotions or to draw attention to product giveaways. Screen or UV printing ink will remain bright and visible, whether hanging in the center of the store or in the window. You can custom yard signs of your custom image, even the PMS color. JIANXIN Company can do it.  The yard sign material does not fade and decompose under sunlight and moisture. Unlike cardboard, it does not warp if it is exposed to moisture. Its waterproof plastic material and weatherproof sign material protection make it ideal for standing in a yard, greenhouse or garden area.

Corrugated plastic sign boards are also an economical option. It is just as cost-effective to manufacture dozens as hundreds. You can even put corrugated plastic signs on the walkways. It can be used all the time and reused. This is why corrugated plastic panels can be used for entryways and hung in doorways.

JIANXIN is a yard sign company who can custom signs, JIANXIN can wholesale yard sign.. We hope to have good cooperation with you.


Lightweight and durable

UV Resistant for Outdoor Use

100% Recyclable





COLORWhite and custom colors
WEIGHT650g/m² (0.13 lbs./sq. ft.) to 850g/m² (0.17 lbs./sq. ft.)
THICKNESS4.0mm(0.16in), 5.0mm(0.19in) and custom thickness
SIZE12*18inch, 18*24 inch, 24*24inch, 36*24inch, and custom dimension
PRINTINGMono-color, Dual-color, Three-color, and Full color printing, UV printing. Custom logo or name

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Jian Xin corrugated plastic products offer great strength, total water resistance, impact resistance, weather resistance, fire retardant, and 100% recyclable for all of your needs.

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