The unexpected COVID-19 has put a pause on the world and its inhabitants’ action. For example, instead of going to work at the office or going to school, people are told to stay at home. According to information put together by Johns Hopkins University, totally more than 20 million cases have been confirmed around the world since 2019, and the date is still increasing every single day. However, society must continue.  In this situation, the S.D.D is invented by Jianxin to help people safely go about returning to everyday life.


What’s the S.D.D made of?

Materials: PET transparent film and corrugated plastic

The advantages of the S.D.D

It’s foldable and portable

On your way to class, you certainly don’t want to bring such a big thing. I am very pleased that our products are foldable, which can greatly save space and allow you to carry it conveniently

It’s easy to set up

This product can be foldable, but you certainly don’t want to spend a lot of time installing it. The easy-to-install function of our product solves your problem

It’s transparent

When you use it in the classroom, you definitely don’t want to see people around, so it is transparent and solves this problem. Of course, if you don’t want to see elsewhere, we can also do opaque

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