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PP corrugated sheet is widely used to fill the interior of bags. The material is light-weight, affordable, heat preservation, high supportive to the perfect and neat shape of bags. In addition, it is waterproof, fireproof,  easy to assemble, convenient to use and environmental friendly. It is mainly used in home organizers, storage boxes, car storage boxes, commercial food delivery backpacks and bags. The durable insulated bag is sure to keep food safe and at the desired temperature. It has been used by Uber eats, Meituan takeout, and more delivery companies.





Lightweight and durable


Fire resistant



100% Recyclable


COLORBlack, White, and custom colors
WEIGHT650g/m²(0.13 lbs./sq. ft.) to 1200g/m² (0.24 lbs./sq. ft.)
THICKNESS4.0mm (0.15inch) to 8.0mm (0.31inch)
SIZE400*300mm (15.7*11.8inch), 300*170mm (11.8*6.69inch) and custom dimension
PRINTINGCustom logo or name

Here at Jian Xin we are devoted to supplying our customers with the best when it comes to corrugated plastic sheets, industrial boxes, produce and seafood boxes, floor protection, and sign boards. We have been working in the industry since 2003 and have maintained our status as a leader of the industry. Through hard work and dedication we have become a leader in custom corrugated plastic products. We strive to offer our customers the best possible solutions for their needs coupled with outstanding customer service including on-time delivery. Jian Xin corrugated plastic products offer great strength, total water resistance, impact resistance, weather resistance, fire retardant, and 100% recyclable for all of your needs.

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